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Previous Issues

Spring 2012

  • The Lightroom 4 Decision
    A quick look at the decision to upgrade to (or get started with) Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.

  • Image Recovery
    Learn how to protect the images on your digital media cards, and even recover them if they get lost.

  • Photos on the Map
    In many cases the location a photo was taken is important, and in this article you'll learn how to include location information for photos, view them on a map, and more.

Winter 2012

Digital Darkroom Quarterly

  • Undo and History
    Learn how to make the most of the Undo commands and History features in Photoshop.

  • Choosing a Computer
    Get guidance on the key specifications to consider when purchasing a new computer for your digital darkroom.

Autumn 2011

Digital Darkroom Quarterly

  • High Dynamic Range Imaging
    Learn the key concepts and techniques involved in maximizing the tonal range in your images, from simple adjustments to complext techniques.

  • Working with Text
    See how you can use a wide variety of techniques to incorporate stylish text with your photographic images.

Summer 2011

Digital Darkroom Quarterly

  • Field Workflow
    A look at a full Lightroom-based workflow that will help you keep your images organized while on a photo trip.

  • Layer-Based Cleanup
    Learn to maximize the efficiency and flexibility of your image-cleanup  workflow in Photoshop through the use of layers.

Spring 2011

  • Understanding Bit Depth
    Gain an understanding of the concepts surrounding bit depth, which can have a significant impact on your digital photography workflow.

  • Creative Filters
    A look at how many of the creative filters in Photoshop can prove useful, even if you prefer “traditional” photos.

Winter 2011

  • Soft Proofing
    While color management is a critical component of any photographer’s digital workflow, the process of soft-proofing is often misunderstood. This article will provide clarity.

  • The Color Picker
    Simple yet powerful, and surprisingly useful in a variety of situations, this article will cover Photoshop’s color picker.

Autumn 2010

  • Backup Strategies
    A look at the best practices for backing up your important digital photos.

  • The Info Panel
    Discover many of the useful bits of information that can be displayed on the Info panel in Photoshop.

Summer 2010

  • Third Time's a Charm
    A look at the key new features and improvements in Lightroom 3 that will
    benefit just about all photographers.

  • Mapping a Gradient
    A detailed look at the Gradient Map adjustment, which is an often-overlooked tool that can be incredibly powerful for creating color-tinted images.

  • Flexible Vignetting
    A quick guide to creating a vignette effect with maximum flexibility.

Spring 2010

  • Photoshop CS5
    A look at the top features of interest to photographers in this new release of Photoshop.

  • Group Benefits
    Understanding the significant benefits of utilizing layer groups in Photoshop.

Winter 2010

  • Black and White Beautiful
    A discussion of the ideal methods for producing incredible black and white interpretations of your color images.

  • Lightroom and Photoshop
    Learn best practices for using Photoshop to optimize images that are being managed by Lightroom.

Autumn 2009

  • Sensor Cleaning
    A discussion of the various options available for ensuring images free from dust spots caused by a contaminated imaging sensor.

  • Optimal Sharpening
    Get recommendations on the best approach to properly sharpening your digital photos for ideal output.

Summer 2009

  • Color Management Made Easy
    Discover how color management can be employed in your workflow without complications or confusion.

  • Understanding Histograms
    Learn to better understand the histograms you see on your camera's LCD, in Camera Raw and Lightroom, in Photoshop, and elsewhere.

  • Photoshop Hidden Features
    Find out how to access some of the helpful features in Photoshop that aren't always easy to discover.

Spring 2009

  • What's Your Preference?
    Learn what settings to use in Photoshop's Preferences dialog box to help you optimally configure Photoshop.

  • Modes for Blending
    An in-depth look at blend modes in Photoshop and how to use them to great effect in your photographic images.

Winter 2009

  • Photoshop CS4 Unveiled
    A review of the new features of interest to photographers in Photoshop CS4. Find out whether it makes sense for you to upgrade, and if so how to put the latest features to use.

  • Interfacing with CS4
    A look at how to make the most of the radical new approach Adobe has taken with the interface in Photoshop CS4.

Autumn 2008

  • Navigation in Photoshop
    A look at the often-neglected topic of how to maneuver around your photos as you evaluate and optimize them in Photoshop.

  • Going Online
    A guide to the best ways to prepare your images for online display to help ensure the most accurate colors and best image quality possible.

Summer 2008

  • Field Downloading
    A discussion of strategy, workflow considerations, and the devices you can use to download your digital photos while in the field.

  • What's In a Name?
    Learn why you should rename your images, when to rename them, how to rename them, and strategies for creating a renaming system.

Spring 2008

  • Getting Selective
    A guide to creating the very best selections, which are critical to performing targeted adjustments to your image. Basic tools in Photoshop along with advanced techniques will be covered.

  • Silence the Noise
    This article will show you how noise finds its way into your digital captures, how to best avoid it in the first place, and how to minimize it to the extent possible after the capture.

Winter 2008

  • Resolution Demystified
    A review of all aspects of resolution as it relates to digital photography and imaging.

  • Dream Machine
    A guide to computer hardware specifications for maximum performance.

  • Artistic Edges
    Learn how to apply creative edges to your images in Photoshop.

Autumn 2007

  • Photo Filters Gone Digital
    A look at how you can produce the effects of various filters you would normally put in front of your lens through the use of special techniques in Photoshop.

  • Bridging the Gap
    A look at how you can utilize the new features in Adobe Bridge CS3 to review, manage, and locate your images.

Summer 2007

  • Photoshop CS3 New Features
    The latest version of Photoshop includes some great new features for photographers. This article will provide you with tips on learning and using these new features to make the most of Photoshop CS3.

  • Lightroom Workflow
    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a great new tool for managing and processing your images. This article will provide an overview of an efficient workflow in Lightroom that will enable you to get up to speed quickly.

  • Lightroom Versus Photoshop
    Gain an understanding of the various issues that will affect your decision about using Lightroom, Photoshop, or both to maximize the efficiency of your workflow.

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